From Colombia to the world

More than 20 years providing high quality coal for the steelmaking industry and related to Colombia and the world.

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Extraction process

We combine skilled labor and state-of-the-art machinery to extract and manipulate coal, which results in a product of excellent quality and presentation.

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Quality defines us

Quality is a fundamental pillar in our company, day by day we work to improve in all aspects and improve ourselves so that our customers are more than satisfied.

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Carboing achieves two new certifications

We are the first mining company to obtain ISO 9001 and Oshas 18001 certificationsCarbons and Investments Inocencio Grijalba Silva S.A.S (Carboing S.A.S) is the first mining com...

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Carboing presents its new website

To continue fulfilling our purposes and goals we have developed a new website, which will allow us to expand and strengthen our international market, consolidate the brand and i...

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Coming soon carboing will have new certifications

In order to continue to always offer a reliable product of the highest quality, we have started the iso9001 and oshas18002 certifications process.The ISO 9001: 2015 Standard det...

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